This Produce 101 Trainee Bawled His Eyes Out When His Friend Was Picked For Wanna One

When Sungwoon won Produce 101, this trainee was in tears of happiness for his friend.

When Taehyun placed 11th place, his fellow HOTSHOT member Taehyun broke out into tears.

This was a shock since Taehyun didn’t even shed a tear when he was eliminated but cheered for Sungwoon.

However, his tears were flowing in this moment, prompting other trainees to comfort him.

Taehyun wasn’t the only one rooting for him!  VIXX’s Ravi showed his support when he posted a video of him on Instagram. 

BTS’s Jimin also publicly congratulated Sungwoon on his win. 

“Hyung, you endured hardship and fought hard. I know how hard you’ve practiced and suffered because I was right next to you, and it’s so moving. You’ve endured it so well ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I can’t sleep anymore. Congratulations #JIMIN #HaSungWoon”
— BTS’s Jimin