Produce 101’s Lai Guan Lin Already Appears To Have Sasaeng Fans

CUBE Entertainment‘s trainee, Lai Guan Lin, has found himself a victim of overzealous sasaeng fans.

In spite of not having debuted yet, Produce 101 contestant Lai Guan Lin has already managed to capture the hearts of a legion of fans simply because of his appearance on Mnet‘s music contest survival show.

Unfortunately, his immense popularity means that the 17-year-old has accrued not only regular fans but sasaeng fans as well. Fans of Lai Guan Lin, have begun to notice that the trainee has been followed around by the same group of fangirls for some time, with a variety of videos of him popping up online.

Videos showing Guan Lin walking through the streets surrounded by a small ensemble of females have surfaced recently and he appears to be visibly uncomfortable. In the videos, Guan Lin can be seen awkwardly trying to keep his distance from the gaggle of followers, and avoiding eye-contact with the girls.

Apparently, in light of the fact that he is only a trainee, CUBE Entertainment has not yet extended him the same sort of protections afforded fully-debuted idols, leaving Guan Lin to fend for himself.

See the videos showcasing the sasaeng fans who follow Guan Lin around below: