THE BOYZ’s Joo Haknyeon Reveals His Surprising History With JBJ’s Kim Yongguk

It should have been so obvious!

When Produce 101 season 2 aired, there were many trainees and idols who knew each other but there was one pair of trainees that surprised everyone with their past history together!


During the course of Produce 101, we saw a few moments that were sweet but a little seemed a little strange between former JBJ member Kim Yongguk and THE BOYZ‘s Joo Haknyeon. The first instance was when Yongguk got into the top 35 and Haknyeon was spotted crying hard for him.


We again saw him cry when Yongguk got eliminated later in the show. While it was obvious that the boys must have some sort of friendship because of the emotional display, nobody was really aware of how deep that friendship was.


That was until Yongguk held a livestream and told everyone that the trainee he was closest to was Haknyeon because they used to be trainees together!


Since then, fans have been doing some digging and uncovered exactly why their friendship is so cute! It all started when they were both trainees with Kakoa M, formerly LOEN Entertainment, and were dormmates together.


Around this time, the company didn’t have too many trainees so all of them had a pretty special bond. There’s also a rumor that the male trainees wanted to become closer so they held special movie nights together.


After Yongguk left the company, the two boys had lost contact for a while and just happened to meet up at Produce 101. Neither of them knew that the other was participating and both were extremely excited to see each other.


Unfortunately, the two weren’t in the same group, which is why fans think Yongguk would often say he was lonely. But fans did learn that the two of them took care of each other in the show dorms!


Since the show ended, the two boys have kept in contact with each other and continued with their sweet friendship. Yongguk has also become fast friends with other THE BOYZ members!


How cute is that?