This “Produce 48” Contestant Is Receiving A Lot Of Attention For Looking Like Suzy

Could she become the next Suzy?

Contestant Kim Si Hyun in Produce 48 is now under the spotlight for looking exactly like Suzy!


When Produce 48 revealed its first “Pick Me” performance, the camera caught Kim Si Hyun for a brief second.

Viewers immediately grew curious about who this Suzy lookalike is.


Kim Si Hyun actually participated in Produce 101 season 1 as well.

While she did not receive too much coverage, Kim Si Hyun had a substantial amount of fans and even her very own fan site supporting her debut.


Since Produce 101 Season 1, Kim Si Hyun has signed with Yuehua Entertainment and has been preparing to debut with a girl group.


Viewers are glad to see Kim Si Hyun on stage again, looking even better than she did for the first season of the show.


Produce 48 is scheduled to premiere June 15, 2018. The show is currently at the center of attention with its AKB48 Japanese contestants, K-Pop idols like I.O.I and Wanna One to star as guests, and of course, pretty faces like Kim Si Hyun.


Watch the preview of the “Pick Me” performance here:

Source: Dispatch