An Idol Who Almost Debuted with IZ*ONE Last Year Showed off Her Sexy Side in Japanese Playboy

She’s absolutely GORGEOUS.

Miru Shiroma is a Japanese idol who is a part of the group NMB48, and she also appeared on Mnet’s Produce 48 last year and made it to the top 20 before being disqualified.

Miru Shiroma1

Recently, she’s been gaining overwhelming attention for a sexy photoshoot she partook in for Japanese Playboy’s July edition.

Miru Shiroma2

The photos show Miru Shiroma posing with just her hair covering her chest as well as just a bathrobe that exposes her glamorous figure.

Miru Shiroma3

In some of the other photos, she shows off her flawless physique in swimsuits and underwear that truly highlight the sexy side she’s been hiding all along.

Miru Shiroma4

When Miru Shiroma was on Produce 48, she gained a lot of attention for her beauty, but many probably didn’t see such a sexy photoshoot coming their way.

Miru Shiroma6

Check out some more gorgeous shots of Miru Shiroma below:

Miru Shiroma5 Miru Shiroma7 Miru Shiroma8 Miru Shiroma9 Miru Shiroma11

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