This Now Former “Produce X 101” Contestant Was Spotted Taking the Subway like a Non-Famous Person

Despite having gained substantial popularity and recognition on “Produce X 101”, he didn’t try to hide from the public eye.

In recent days, a photo of C9 Entertainment‘s Geum Donghyun riding the subway following his unfortunate disqualification on Produce X 101 surfaced in various online communities.

The photo shows Geum Donghyun casually standing in a subway car on Line 8 of Seoul transit.

Geum Donghyun flaunted a black outfit along with a black backpack that made him look like any ordinary high school student.

Despite having gained substantial popularity and recognition on Produce X 101, he not only used public transit, but he also didn’t make any effort to cover his face with a mask.

What really stands out about the photo is the way he comfortably rode the subway without worrying about how anyone else viewed him.

It also can’t be denied that he looked very handsome despite having flaunted a casual outfit without any makeup on.

Geum Donghyun finished in 14th place on Produce X 101 meaning he will not be debuting with X1. Following the show, Geum Donghyun wrote a message to fans that read, “I’ll work hard to prepare one more time so that I can spread my wings.

Source: Insight