The Grandmother of a “Produce X 101” Contestant Was Spotted Promoting Her Grandson on the Streets

What a touching example of family love.

A post regarding a father and grandmother promoting Kim Sihoon of Produce X 101 has recently become a hot topic of conversation in online communities.

The attached photos show a grandmother handing out promotional business cards to students as well as a middle-aged man hanging up a promotional sign on the side of the streets.



The post reveals that the grandmother shown in the photo is the grandmother of Brand New Music’s Kim Sihoon who is evidently doing everything she can in hopes that her grandson achieves his dream of becoming an idol.

Despite the hot weather, Kim Sihoon’s grandmother made sure to hand out promotional business cards to as many students as possible.

Kim Sihoon’s father also hung up multiple promotional signs on the side of the streets to make sure that as many people as possible saw his son’s face before the next elimination.

This post is gaining a substantial amount of attention because it’s touching to see Kim Sihoon’s family doing everything they can as a way of cheering on their son towards his dream.


Source: Insight