Former “Produce X 101” Contestant Claims That the “Center Member” Suddenly Changed Without Notice

The contestants had already voted for the member who would stand in the center.

MBC just aired an episode of PD Note titled, “CJ and Fake Auditions” which covered material surrounding survival programs such as Idol School and Produce X 101.

One of the former Produce X 101 contestants appeared with his father and shared just how fierce the competition was on the survival reality TV show.

We all went on Produce X 101 because we were desperate. They told us that since were on the show because we were desperate, we had to make a lot of reactions to get screen time. So 101 of us competed in reaction battles.

– Former contestant

Furthermore, he even brought up the strict regulations that the contestants of the show had to follow.

Once we got back to our accomodations, we had to hand in our phones, put on the same outfits, and eat food at the same time. We even had to get permission to go to the washroom.

– Former contestant

But the testimony that drew particular attention pertained to how the member set to stand at the center suddenly changed without notice.

The contestants were supposed to choose the member who would stand at the center. And originally, a trainee from another agency had been selected. But it suddenly changed to another trainee.

– Former contestant

The former contestant expressed his frustration and described just how shocked everyone was at the last-minute change.

The producer suddenly told us that they were going to change how the voting would take place. The contestant who was originally picked to be at the center was shocked, and so were we. It felt as if they were playing games with us.

– Former contestant

And another former contestant supported this testimony by confirming that the change was indeed enforced by the producers in a sudden manner.

When the original center member got chosen, he even cried with joy. But then they suddenly told us that the producers would choose our center member.

– Former contestant


Source: Dispatch