This Produce X 101 Contestant Is Receiving Love From Netizens For His Dance Skills

People are falling for his dance lines.

Woolim Entertainment trainee and Produce X 101 contestant Hwang Yunseong is gaining attention from netizens to his outstanding dance skills. Many are in love with is passion to debut and his beautiful dance line.

Viewers were first introduced to Hwang Yunseong during his auditions, in which he showed off his freestyle dance.


During the “X1-MA” stage, he was extremely nervous and was off-beat, to which fans called him “Beat guy”. Still, his passion touched people’s hearts.

During the song evaluations, he was part of the “MAMA” team. Practice wasn’t going well for the team since it was their first time practicing together, but Hwang Yunseong surprised viewers with his dance! The trainers asked if there was anyone confident in dance and he volunteered to show off what he learned, taking everyone’s breath away in the proces.

For the position evaluations, Hwang Yunseong was chosen to be the leader of the “Believer” team. This is the stage which got him the most fans, with many praising his dance line and his ability to help each and every single member. He was given the nickname “Putti” by the fans and trainees, since his dance skils as a smooth as putti.

During the concept evaluations, Hwang Yunseong was once again the leader for the “U GOT IT” team. When picking which team members get to stay in the team, he was the trainees #2 pick, which shows his dance skills are acknowledged even by his fellow trainees.


He has since advanced to the finals at rank #13. He is part of the “To My World” team and though he isn’t the leader, he can be seen helping Song Hyungjoon learn the dance to teach to the other trainees.

With his ranking just an inch away from the debut line-up, fans are hoping that he will manage to debut with the final group as their main dancer! The final episode of Produce X 101 will air on July 20, 2019, at 6PM KST.

Source: Pann