This Very Tall “Produce X 101” Contestant Is Gaining Attention for His Unique Selfie Angle

His selfie angle is quite unique, but he has a good reason for using it.

Lee Jinhyuk of Produce X 101 takes selfies using a very unique angle, and it’s been gaining a lot of attention in online communities.

The posts shared in said communities include photos of Lee Jinhyuk posing in various ways while pointing the camera downward from above.

Not many male idols are known to take selfies from so high above, but Lee Jinhyuk manages to pull it off without looking shorter since he’s whopping 185 centimeters tall.

In a past broadcast, Lee Jinhyuk explained, “I use that kind of selfie angle because I want to show my fans what I’m wearing from head to toe.

With his height and intentions taken into consideration, his unique selfie angle makes a little more sense, but it still doesn’t take away from the fact that it is indeed very out of the ordinary.

Check out some more photos of Lee Jinhyuk below:

Source: Dispatch