Produce X 101 Contestant Tony Left A Message For His Fans And Touches Everyone’s Hearts

He has a lot of love for his fans.

Hongyi Entertainment and current Produce X 101 contestant Tony is gaining much love from National Producers after he leaves a message for his fans on his subway ad.

During the last day of his subway ad in Samsung Station, fans spotted two post its stuck to the ad. Upon closer inspections, fans found that it was a letter Tony left for his fans, written in both Korean and English!

His Korean letter reads,

Hello, this is Tony. First of all, thank you so much for loving me! Thank you for always cheering me on! I love you, national producers!!! I didn’t have time to come here alone, but my manager came to take the post-its you guys left for me. If I have time, I will read them all dilligently (really!). It’s a shame that I won’t be able to see this ad again (sorry!)

– Tony

Fans noticed that he made some spelling mistakes in his Korean letter, which leads fans to believe that he didn’t use a translator and tried hard to write in Korean despite not being fluent. His Korean is still clumsy, but his fans are touched by his sincerity towards the national producers.

Tony took all these post-its and promised to read them. Fans say that Tony went on two trips to take all these post-its and that he genuinely is appreciate of his love for the national producers.

Here is his English letter for the fans,

Many believe that Tony is overflowing with love for his fans. Tony is currently ranked #19, rising eight spots from his last rank. As the last foreigner on the show (Chinese-Canadian), many are hoping that he makes the final debut line-up as a vocal and English speaker of the group.

Korean viewers can vote for him until July 19, 2019, 9PM KST. The final premiers on the same day at 8PM KST.

Source: Pann