Produce X 101 Contestants Kim Wooseok and Lee Jinhyuk Become Hot Topics After Recent Episode

Their popularity keeps on rising.

Interest for Produce X 101 contestants and TOP Media trainees Kim Wooseok (right) and Lee Jinhyuk (left) continues to increase after the most recent episode of the show.

In the previous episode, viewers saw Kim Wooseok and Lee Jinhyuk up for the first place seat. When Kim Wooseok was named the first place, the boys hugged and laugh, giving each other encouraging words.

After the broadcast, Kim Wooseok, Lee Jinhyuk, and TOP Media topped the real-time search terms and proved their rising popularity. The two boys previously debuted in 2015 as members of UP10TION, and now even their group is gaining attention!

Lee Jinhyuk impressed National Producers in episode 7, topping the “X” category during the position evaluations and gaining 336,000 benefit votes. Kim Wooseok has always been one of the top trainees, showcasing his professionalism and charms both on stage and during practice. The boys are expected to rise as their popularity increases.

Source: Naver