“Produce X 101” Geum Donghyun Has yet to Come up with an Idol Autograph so He Does This Instead

Fans be flocking for his original “idol autograph”.

Produce X 101‘s Geum Donghyun has been receiving overwhelming attention for going from 19th place to 9th place on the idol survival show, but that’s not all that he’s been gaining popularity for.

A fan recently posted a photo of an “autograph” that they received from Geum Donghyun, and it just goes to prove how adorable he is.

The shared photo shows a lined piece of paper with the name “Geum Donghyun” on it, and the fan explained that that’s the autograph that they received from him.

As a 17-year-old trainee who has yet to create his own idol autograph, Geum Donghyun wrote his name in big letters of a plain font.

The way Geum Donghyun wrote his name in neat writing as his temporary autograph is so adorable that it’s probably capable of putting a smile on any fan’s face.

Maybe he should just keep that as his permanent autograph.

Source: Insight