The Father of a “Produce X 101” Contestant Was Spotted Promoting His Son on the Streets

He was also handing out business cards asking people to vote for his son.

Recently, a photo of a man assumed to be the father of Mnet Produce X 101‘s Kang Hyunsoo surfaced in online communities and drew a great deal of attention.

The shared photo shows an older man holding a large promotional sign on the middle of a busy street.

And on the sign is a photo of Kang Hyunsoo along with his name and other related information regarding his participation on the survival reality program.

If you look more closely, the sign also reads, “Daejeon’s Son, Kang Hyunsoo” which is what led fans to speculate that the man is Kang Hyunsoo’s father.

In addition to the sign, the man was also handing out business cards with the same information and an additional line that reads, “Please vote for me.

The sight of Kang Hyunsoo’s presumed father promoting his son on the streets is making fans tear up and realize once more how powerful and touching parental love can be.

Kang Hyunsoo is currently 24 years old and training under AAP.Y Entertainment.



Source: Insight