“Produce X 101” Trainee Kim Wooseok Urging a Fan to Eat His Pepero Resurfaces in Online Communities

He sure knows how to make a girl’s heart skip a beat.

Before competing in Produce X 101 as a trainee, Kim Wooseok was active as a member of UP10TION under TOP Media, and a video of him at a fan meeting has resurfaced in online communities.

At the fan meeting, Kim Wooseok was seen being very friendly to the fans by holding their hands and even linking fingers.

On top of that, he even put a Pepero in his mouth and gestured a fan to eat it with him which was captured on video.

In the video, the fan shyly refused to play along, so Kim Wooseok took a bite and handed it over to the fan so that she could eat the rest.

This service made it look like he was a caring boyfriend feeding his girlfriend some Pepero.

And this wasn’t the first time Kim Wooseok showed so much warmth at a fan meeting. He is well-known to hold his fans’ hands in such a caring way that their hearts flutter like crazy.

Kim Wooseok is currently still standing on Produce X 101 ahead of their second ranking announcement.

Source: Insight