“Produce X 101” Kim Yohan Stirs up the Internet with His Phenomenal Jawline

He kinda has that sexy vampire look going for him.

Produce X 101‘s Kim Yohan is currently drawing overwhelming popularity with his easygoing personality, amazing singing and rapping ability, as well as sharp dance skills, but various online communities have been pointing to his stunning visuals as his key trait.

What makes his visuals especially stand out is the sharp jawline that can be seen in almost every photo taken of him.

His face shape is what makes his already beautiful facial features stand out even more.

In contrast to how sharp his face looks from the side, he surprisingly flaunts a softer egg-shaped face when viewed from the front.

As if his talent wasn’t enough to win over fans, his gorgeous face shape is making all hearts pound uncontrollably.

Check out some GIFs of Kim Yohan’s killer jawline below:



Source: Insight