“Produce X 101” Lee Sejin Proves to Be the Cutest Drunk After Exceeding His Drinking Limit

“What’s your limit?” “Hehe, me? One bottle.” “But we just had three bottles.” “Woot!”

A past video of Produce X 101‘s Lee Sejin being a cute drunk has resurfaced in various Korean online communities.

The shared video shows Lee Sejin at a drinking gathering with a friend 2 years back.

At the beginning of the clip, Lee Sejin can be seen nodding off as if he drank too much before he was woken by his friend.

His friend asked, “What’s your limit?” to which Lee Sejin asked, “Me?” as he showed his surprise.

Lee Sejin then replied, “1 bottle” and flashed an adorable smile at the camera.

But his friend revealed that they drank 3 bottles together, which means Lee Sejin certainly exceeded his limit.

Watch the full clip below to see Lee Sejin’s adorable reaction:

Source: Insight