Mnet Proves Its Love For PRODUCE X 101 Host Lee Dong Wook With A Dedicated 12-Minute Video

Who would be able to resist though?

M2‘s YouTube channel has been active in uploading videos of PRODUCE X 101 trainees since the first episode aired. However, their most recent video – of 12 minutes long – is entirely dedicated to the show host Lee Dong Wook. And with that, the truth is now out in the open; Mnet is as insanely obsessed with the actor as are the viewers!


In this video, titled “[PRODUCE X 101 x M2] National Producer Host Lee Dong Wook”, M2 shared a compilation of Lee Dong Wook’s best moments on the show. As a host, a mentor, a friend, and a brother to the trainees, Lee Dong Wook had made some precious memories for the trainees and the viewers!


From the moment he first met the trainees by being introduced to the show…


… to the times he was the “visual center” among the trainees…


… the video really highlighted Lee Dong Wook’s every UWU-worthy segments. It is clearly visible that the show is madly in love with its own host – and the viewers can most definitely relate.


Lee Dong Wook has been the most beloved show hosts since the PRODUCE 101 series first began. As one of Korea’s top visual kings, Lee Dong Wook has definitely captured the eyes and hearts of the trainees, show panels, and viewers!


You too can obsess over Lee Dong Wook by watching the whole video here: