The Size of “Produce X 101” Nam Dohyun’s Hands Does Not Match His “Giant Baby” Face

His hands will make you want to call him “oppa”.

The size of Produce X 101 Nam Dohyun‘s hands has become a hot topic of conversation in various online communities.

16-year-old Nam Dohyun is currently receiving a lot of love from producers and viewers for his pure charms and adorable appearance.

For that reason, fans can’t help but fawn over his beautiful and surprisingly big hands.

Nam Dohyun has hands that are big enough to cover his entire “giant baby” face.

The outstanding size especially stands out when he’s surrounded by his peers, and what makes them that much more noticeable is the fact that they look like model hands.

In contrast to his cute baby face, Nam Dohyun has hands that make fans want to call him “oppa”, which doesn’t sound too bad either.

Source: Insight