Idol Trainee Lee Wonjun Spotted Chilling on a Subway as If He’s Not Famous Anymore

What an easygoing guy.

Former Produce X 101 contestant, Lee Wonjun was recently spotted chilling on a subway, and fans can’t get enough of his easygoing attitude.


E Entertainment‘s Lee Wonjun was a popular trainee on the Mnet show, who unfortunately didn’t make the cut into the final debut group.

But he’s still a well-recognized idol trainee among young fans, which is how one fan spotted him on a subway and shared a photo of him in online communities.

In contrast to Lee Wonjun’s laidback posture, his blue hair and trendy outfit make it clear that it is the popular trainee in the flesh.

After spotting him on the subway, fans are expressing their delight in seeing him looking well after such a long time.

Source: Insight