Produce X 101 Trainee Keeps Tight-Lipped When His Mom Asks Him For Details About The Show

He was determined not to let anything slip out.

When the trainees of Produce X 101 were given time to call their loved ones, as with every season, it was a very emotional time. However, one trainee in particular only had one thing on his mind when talking to his mom: not spoiling anything!

Maroo Entertainment trainee Lee Jinwoo was told by Produce X 101 staff prior to his phone call not to spoil anything before the show was broadcasted, and he took this to heart, repeatedly saying “I can’t tell you that” to every question his mom asked.

Crew: “You can’t give a spoiler. You know that, right?”

Jinwoo’s Mom: “Well, then when can you call me?”

Jinwoo: “Um… Um, I can’t tell you that.”

Jinwoo’s mom: “What time do you sleep?”

Jinwoo: “That, Um… I can’t tell you.”

Jinwoo’s mom: “When it’s time to sleep, do you all have to sleep? Or just you alone?”

Jinwoo: “I can’t tell you that either, just watch the broadcast later when it comes out.”

Jinwoo was determined not to let anything slip out to his mom, instead she can watch along the rest of the world as her son makes her and all the Nation’s Producers proud.

Source: Instiz