This “Produce X 101” Trainee Reacted in the Most Unexpected Way When Fans Spotted Him at a Malatang Restaurant

He looked like a scared little kitty.

Produce X 101 trainee, Kim Wooseok was recently spotted at a Malatang restaurant in Seoul, and photos, as well as videos, taken by fans, are currently circulating all over online communities.

The shared content shows Kim Wooseok at a restaurant while wearing a black jacket and casual sweatpants.

What’s drawing a lot of attention to the footage is Kim Wooseok’s very shy and embarrassed reaction to being the center of attention in a public environment.

As the fans took photos and videos of him, Kim Wooseok covered his face with both his fists hid like a scared little kitty.

According to a fan who was there, Kim Wooseok greeted everyone in a mannerly way soon after recovering from his initial reaction.

It appears that Kim Wooseok isn’t quite used to fame yet, but that’s okay since he’s crazy adorable no matter what he does.

Source: Insight