“Produce X 101” Trainees Spotted at an Amusement Park Together While Wearing Adorable Animal Headbands

The Brand New Music trainees were just spotted at Everland.

With the rising popularity of the Produce X 101 trainees, multiple online communities have been consistently updating fans with photos of there whereabouts, and the most recent spotting took place at Korea’s popular amusement park, Everland.

The shared photos show trainees under the label, Brand New Music, including Lee Eunsang, Kim Sihoon, Yoon Junghwan, and Hong Sungjoon.

Despite their rising popularity, they confidently roamed around the amusement park in casual wear and no masks.

They must have been excited to have a fun day off because they bought adorable animal headbands and wore it as they roamed around the amusement park.

These talented trainees are more often seen putting on charismatic performances on stage, so it’s hard not to smile at them having fun and spending a casual day as just ordinary students.

All four of them are currently starring in Mnet’s Produce X 101 which airs every week on Fridays.

Source: Insight