“Produce X 101” Trainees Spotted Bonding over Some Ice Cream at a Convenience Store

Their height difference is so cute.

Photos of Produce X 101 trainees Kim Yohan and Lee Sejin hanging out at a convenience store was recently captured and shared in online communities.

In the photos, Kim Yohan and Lee Sejin can be seen leaving a convenience store together with a bag full of snacks.


As they waited to cross the street, they stood side by side and looked at each other like two very good friends.

One of the shots even shows them helping each other with their ice cream, which might very well be the cutest sight you’ll see all day.


In addition to their cute interaction, what also caught the netizens’ attention was their adorable outfits as well as their noticeable height difference.

Kim Yohan is a sports major at Sangmyung University who’s stealing the hearts of many with his stunning good looks, and Lee Sejin has also been gaining overwhelming popularity after appearing on the popular web drama, Yellow.

Source: Insight