PRODUCE X 101 Viewers Are Falling In Love With This Trainee’s Duality

Say hello to your next “pick”.

Tony, a Chinese-Canadian trainee from HONGYI Entertainment, is a contestant on PRODUCE X 101 and both his visuals and his shockingly good voice are capturing the viewers’ eyes and ears!


As soon as Tony’s pictures from the show’s press conferences went online, the viewers immediately showed interest in finding out more about the puppy-faced trainee.


While his 18-year-old sweetheart face is so heart-throbbingly cute, Tony towers at 6 feet tall! Take a look at the chilling “duality” of this trainee – he could melt a thousand hearts with his smile like a ray of sunshine, but he could also freeze the time and space with this charisma!


With the face of a boy but the body of a man, Tony is steadily gaining fandom even before receiving any major screen time!


In addition, Korean viewers are finding his efforts to learn and speak Korean on the program to be endearing. While his English speaking voice could enchant anyone listening, and though his Korean is only beginner level, Tony continues to convey his message to the “Nation’s Producers” in Korean.


Not a lot has been revealed about Tony on the first episode. However, viewers look forward to seeing a little more of this trainee on the upcoming ones!


Watch to have Tony bouncy ball his way into your heart:

Source: Nate Pann