Producer Of NCT 127 And WayV’s Hits Names Member Who Impressed Him Most And Picks Bias

“Punch” and “After Midnight”? He produced those bops.

Proving how talented fans are, a dedicated team of them published a magazine for fellow NCTzens titled EnVi.

In its first-ever issue, they were able to interview the producer behind some of SM Entertainment‘s hits for groups like NCT 127 and WayV: the talented Alawn.

Alawn recently worked with NCT 127 for the track “Punch”, a follow-up to “Kick It” and part of Neo Zone: The Final Round, and WayV for “After Midnight”, which is part of their first full-length album Awaken The World.

Since he’s familiar with both groups, the magazine asked if there was a particular member of NCT who he’d been blown away by most, whether based on their vocal abilities or performance skills.

Before narrowing it down to just one, Alawn emphasized they were all skilled individuals with distinct styles that set them apart. “They are all so amazing; it’s impossible to just name one. They all have very different styles, vocal ranges, and are so talented in their own way.”

| @AlawnMusic/Twitter

Even so, there was one member who stood out the most to him. He was drawn to Taeyong the most, “I must say I am a big fan of Taeyong, though. I love his energy and style. I hope the other members won’t get mad at me for saying this!”

Because it’s natural for someone to have a bias who they follow most, the magazine asked Alawn if Taeyong doubled as his bias for NCT.

| @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

Though hesitant about the idea, he agreed Taeyong would be his top choice, “They’re all different and unique. But, if I had to pick one bias, I would probably say Taeyong!”

| @AlawnMusic/Twitter

NCTzens and other idols aren’t the only ones who are impressed by Taeyong. From his fluid dancing and versatile music skills to his distinct style, he turns everyone’s heads.

Source: EnVi