Produce X 101’s Kim Wooseok Ran Into A Fan In The Subway And Provided A Little Too Much Information

Here’s what he said:

Produce X 101‘s Kim Wooseok has been garnering attention for a short conversation with a fan he ran into in the subway.

On this day, Kim Wooseok visited Samseong Station and Apgujeong Station to see his subway ads.


When he saw the fan filming him, he suddenly blurted, “I have to go to work.” When the fan asked where he was going, he shyly replied, “To Paju…”


When the fan didn’t know how to respond, Kim Wooseok covered his mouth and they both laughed to overcome the awkward situation.


He continued, “I’m waiting for my manager…”


When the fan complimented him on his small face, he seemed embarrassed and said it’s not true but sent her a finger heart as a thank you.


As the awkward silence continued, he told the fan that he had to leave and said goodbye.


Fans are loving this short and cute conversation! Check out the full video below:

Source: Twitter