Produce X 101 Trainee Kim Wooseok’s Image Completely Changes When He Wears Glasses

He can be both sexy and cute.

Produce X 101 contestant Kim Wooseok from TOP Media has been capturing the hearts of fans through his many charms.


On May 17th’s episode of Produce X 101, Kim Wooseok and his team performed EXO‘s “Love Shot”.


With the opposing team performing EXO’s “Mama”, Kim Wooseok and his team took the win with 512 votes. Kim Wooseok himself was ranked 1st place among his team members and earned 210 out of the 512 votes.


During this performance, Kim Wooseok showed off his sexy side with his alluring expressions and gestures.


And while it’s hard to imagine after seeing his “Love Shot” performance, Kim Wooseok also has an adorable side to him as well. As soon as he wears his round glasses, his image completely changes.


The sexy and alluring Kim Wooseok becomes a cute and innocent Kim Wooseok when wearing glasses.


In fact, Kim Wooseok has so many more charms as well! Check out more photos that show off his special charm below:

Source: Dispatch