Produce X 101’s Visual Kings Kim Wooseok And Kim Yohan Went To Go See Their Subway Ads

Fan-taken photos show just how handsome they are in person!

Produce X 101‘s “visual kings” Kim Wooseok and Kim Yohan have been spotted taking photos in front of their subway ads.

Fans have been sharing photos and videos of the trainees, who were touring their subway ads and taking commemorative photos in front of them.


Kim Yohan could be seen taking a selfie in front of one of the ads that fans put up for him.


He was also spotted on the street the same day looking just as handsome as he does on television.


In a fan-taken video, he could be seen waiting around for the Produce X 101 promotional video to show up on the screen and as soon as it pops up, he stood in front of the screen and posed for a photo.

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Kim Wooseok also toured the subway ads that fans put up to show their support. He made the same pose as in his picture on the ad and showed off his cute charms.


In front of another ad, which was placed slightly lower than the other one, Kim Wooseok got down on his knees and once again made the same pose as in his ad picture.


After taking the photos, he shyly walked away as fans tried to follow him.


Both Kim Wooseok and Kim Yohan have certainly been accumulating a huge fan base!

Source: Dispatch