Produce X 101’s Koo Jungmo Dropped This Mysterious Item On Stage

Netizens are cracking up after finding out what it is.

Netizens have spotted something fall from Produce X 101 contestant Koo Jungmo‘s pocket in a recent performance.

Produce X 101 released the one-on-one eye contact video of Koo Jungmo’s “Pretty Girl” performance on July 9th in which he shows off his cute charms.


It was in this video that eagle-eyed netizens discovered something fall from Koo Jungmo’s breast pocket.


Some got worried, thinking maybe Koo Jungmo had dropped his contact lenses during the performance.


But it turns out, what he dropped was not contact lenses, but chocolate!


Unfortunately for Koo Jungmo, the chocolate eventually got squished during the performance.


Some claim that Song Hyungjun kindly picked it up for him.


Fans can’t get over how cute Koo Jungmo was, dropping his chocolate all over the stage!


Watch Koo Jungmo’s full performance below:

Source: Pann Nate