These Produce X 101 Trainees Never Once Fell Below The Debut Ranking

They’ve maintained their ranking thus far!

The following Produce X 101 trainees have proved their popularity by not once falling below the debut ranking.

Kim Wooseok, who is currently in 1st place, continuously maintained a position in the upper ranks and has secured 1st place for the past 2 consecutive weeks.


Kim Yohan, who is currently in 3rd place, has also continuously maintained a position in the upper ranks of the trainee ranking.


Kim Mingyu dropped down to 10th place after beginning the show in 1st place. However, he still remains in the top 11 debut ranking.


Koo Jungmo has also managed to stay above 10th place and is currently ranked in 5th place.


Song Hyeongjun is the last trainee to have never fallen below the debut ranking.


Meanwhile, Son Dongpyo was not able to make it to this list as he dropped down to 12th place last week.


Trainee Lee Eunsang‘s ranks are also noteworthy as he started off at in 14th place but rose to 2nd, 3rd, 5th and now 6th place.


Nam Dohyun also ranked 37th place in the first week but has not fallen below 7th place since.

Source: Dispatch