This Produce X 101 Contestant Used To Be A JYP And YG Trainee

He’s been a trainee of numerous different agencies.

Produce X 101 contestant, Kang Seokhwa, is known to have previously been a trainee of Source Music, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment. He is currently competing in Produce X 101 as an “individual trainee” without an agency.


He is known to have become a JYP trainee in April 2017, having already been a trainee at Source Music.


He also later appeared on YG Entertainment’s reality survival program, YG Treasure Box.


Kang Seokhwa has been showing off his extraordinary vocal and dancing skills on Produce X 101, especially during his performance of EXO‘s “Mama” along with his group.


He also won over the hearts of viewers with his lack of reaction to a frightening ghost in the latest episode.


Having hopped from agency to agency, many fans hope that Kang Seokhwa will be able to debut this time with Produce X 101.


Check out his performance of EXO’s “Mama” below:

Source: Pann Nate