Netizen Reveals Each “Produce X 101” Trainer’s Top Pick

Here’s who netizens thought were their favorites.

A netizen has shared a post on an online community revealing the top picks of each Produce X 101 trainer.

According to the netizen, rap trainer Cheetah‘s one pick was Cho Seungyoun. The expression on her face when he came out showed just how impressed she was with him.

choseungyoun choseungyoun2


Vocal trainer Shin You Me‘s favorite was apparently Cha Junho.

chajunho chajunho2

Dance trainer Choi Young Jun‘s pick was Lee Hangyul.

leehangyul leehangyul2

And vocal trainer Lee Seok Hoon‘s one pick Hwang Yunseong.

hwangyunseong hwangyunseong2

Netizens are having a blast thinking about the reactions of the trainers during Produce X 101. Some have been completely agreeing with the netizen who shared the post and some have even suggested their own opinions.


Do you agree?

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