Here Are The 4 Jaw-Dropping “Visual Centers” Of The Produce Series

They were chosen as the top visuals by their fellow trainees!

The 4 “visual centers” of Mnet’Produce series chosen by the trainees themselves all boast out-of-this-world visuals.

The first is former Pristin member, Kyulkyung, who was chosen as the No.1 visual on the first season of Produce 101. With big brown eyes and milky skin, she exuded the ultimate pure and innocent look!


Next was Park Jihoon from Produce 101 Season 2. He captured the hearts of viewers with his signature wink and his popular phrase, “Saved in my heart.”


In the third season of the Produce series, Produce 48, the female trainees chose EVERGLOW‘s Yiren as the top visual center.


And finally, the latest season’s visual center is none other than Kim Mingyu. His fellow trainees referred to him as “face genius” and stated that he “looked classy”.


Check out more of images of Produce 101‘s “visual centers” below!









Source: Dispatch