Professional Gamer Faker Was Asked Which BTS Member He’d Recruit To T1, And His Answer Was Everything

He thought about it for a long time.

Lee Sang Hyeok, better known as Faker, is a professional gamer who plays for SK Telecom T1. He recently sat down for an interview with Korea Now where he discussed what got him into games, how a typical day looks like for him, and more.

He was also asked to describe his experience with being a guest for BTS‘s Run BTS! episode where they played games in two separate teams.

I wasn’t interested in idols and I wasn’t familiar with BTS at first, but when I met them, all the members were very unique and witty so I had a lot of fun.

— Faker

When the reporter asked him to pick which member he’d like to recruit to T1, he had to take a long guess.

In the end, he couldn’t choose any of the seven members: “I give up on recruiting”.

His reasoning was simple: the others would be upset with him if they weren’t chosen.

If I pick only one member, the other members will be disappointed.

— Faker

During the episode, he built a friendship with all BTS members while playing computer games.

Jimin in “Run BTS!” | Big Hit Entertainment
At one point in the match, he even had a friendly rivalry with Jin as they both played Mundo in the game Mundo Dodgeball.

The reporter couldn’t help but praise his thoughtfulness, saying, “I thought [you’d say] they were all bad”.

In a surprising turn of events, Faker laughingly admitted that their skill level was another reason why BTS couldn’t make it to the T1 lineup.

If you want to see Faker’s full interview and T1’s friendly match with BTS, check out the videos below!


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