How Professional K-Pop Hair Stylists Hide The New Hairstyles Of K-Pop Idols Right Before Their Comebacks

They know all about it.

Any K-Pop fan who closely follows their bias groups know one telltale sign about a nearing comeback—their hair. K-Pop groups almost always have at least one member who dyes their hair to fit the concept of the new title track.

TREASURE’s Hyunsuk in November versus in February | @treasuremembers/Twitter

To keep things on the lowdown, singers tend to hide their hair with caps, jackets, hoodies, and more. It’s always a fun game for fans to guess the color hiding underneath.

Hair stylists are aware of this guessing game as well. YouTube channel AYO invited professional stylists to comment on K-Pop events like this, with one of them being a stylist who has worked with artists such as ITZY and BLACKPINK. Ryu Ji acknowledged that “fans notice” a comeback will be happening soon if a singer’s hair changes color.

Idols take a long break in between their album cover shoot, MV shoot, and comeback. When their hairstyles change, fans notice that they will be making a comeback soon.

— Ryu Ji

To keep the secret alive, hair stylists make a conscious effort to hide the parts of the idol’s hair that can be seen. They use many techniques to do so.

But we use everything like color spray and color mascara to hide it.

— Ryu Ji

It’s a small result that requires big effort on the part of the staff. The K-Pop idols themselves also need to work hard to visit the salon, hide their hair, and do these multiple times.

It’s just 10 minutes for others, but it takes 10 times longer to work on it.

— Ryu Ji

| @treasuremembers/Twitter

Check out the full video below to learn more K-Pop industry secrets.

Source: YouTube