Professional K-Pop Bodyguards Do Not Ask Idols For Autographs, Here’s Why

They try not to ask even if they want to.

Bodyguards have the responsibility of protecting idols in public, so they focus intently on their job to ensure that no accidents happen. Even behind the scenes, however, they usually don’t take the opportunity to ask the idols for autographs.

Professional bodyguards Yang Tae Il and Jung Seung Min talked about the topic in an interview with YouTube channel AYO.

Yang Tae Il (left) and Jung Seung Min (right)

Jung Seung Min revealed that bodyguards are never the first to start a conversation, so it’s difficult to even ask for an autograph. They only start talking if the idols ask them a question.

There are bodyguards who only escort. They usually do it. Unless the artists ask a question, the bodyguards don’t talk first.

— Jung Seung Min

That reminded Yang Tae Il of a time when his daughter asked him for an NCT autograph when he was at one of their music video filming sites.

I did ask for an autograph once. I was at NCT’s music video shoot, and my daughter kept messaging me, saying, ‘Please get me an autograph!

— Yang Tae Il

Because he loves his daughter, he swallowed his pride and approached NCT’s manager. However, he felt embarrassed after asking for it and immediately retracted his words.

I knew I wasn’t supposed to do that, but I still asked their manager if I could get one. I felt embarrassed after I said it, so I just went, ‘Please don’t mind it.’

— Yang Tae Il

Concluding, Jung Seung Min explained that professional bodyguards like them do not ask for autographs no matter the situation.

Experienced people like us don’t ask that kind of stuff.

— Jung Seung Min

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Source: YouTube