Professional Psychiatrist Analyzes Sulli’s Behavior and Personality

When it comes to being in the center of attention, Sulli is no stranger to it.

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Dr. Choi Myung Ki, an executive director of Cheongdam Harvard Psychology Center, was recently interviewed about Sulli’s behavior.

“People may think that using social media as a platform to stir up the controversy is a simple act to attract attention, but this behavior has more to do with impulsiveness.

They’re highly impulsive people and they don’t think ahead enough as to the consequences of their actions.

If they have to say something, they can’t hold back.”

— Dr. Choi Myung Ki

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Dr. Choi summarized her pattern of behavior as ‘hyperactive’.

“People with the tendency to act hyperactivity are usually unhappy and unsteady and always enjoy playing with people.”

— Dr. Choi Myung Ki

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Many of Sulli’s posts throughout the years have been the center of attention for a variety of reasons with no particular message.

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Whether his diagnosis is true or not, fans are concerned about her attention seeking behavior.

” I think her make up looks weird. I like her to be just her normal self, but she looks a bit out of it, to be honest.

I know that it’s her individual freedom and she can do whatever she wants to do but I feel a bit concerned about her because I can see her seeking attention from everywhere.”

Sulli uses her Instagram posts to express herself and the netizens decipher them as they like.

One thing for a fact, Sulli’s previous behavior shocked her fans on more than one occasion.

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