Proof That BTS V Might Be Reading K-Pop Forums

Eagle-eyed fans have found alleged proof!

On BTSBon Voyage Season 2, the reflection of V‘s phone in a car window shows the green bar of one of the largest Korean chat forums, Instiz.

Actually, netizens are debating whether it’s the green bar at the top of Naver’s search or an Instiz forum page, but most agree if it was Naver there would be a white part in the green bar.


A closer look at the reflection.

What the Instiz site looks like from a phone screen.


Another post on Instiz suggests that a lot of idols use the online entertainment community, including BTS’ V and Jin.


Fans are praying the idols only read good comments about them in the threads because the forum can be full of odd rumors and negative vibes.


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