Proof That Red Velvet’s Seulgi Is The Slowest Idol… Except For When This Happens

Seulgi is known affectionately by her fans as one of the slowest idols of all time—always reacting to things one step slower than her groupmates.

She even has the nickname “Teddy bear Seulgi” because of her slow reaction time.

She often appears to be one second behind the other Red Velvet members…

… Even laughing at jokes a moment too late, making her fans laugh too.

While some might be embarrassed by their tendency to react a little late…


Seulgi totally owns it and that completely endears her to her fans.

While she may be slow to react in many instances, there is one circumstance in which she has a lightning-fast reaction time.

In order to avoid embarrassment, Seulgi’s reaction time switched to overdrive and she changed her handshake into a wave so fast you could barely notice!

Fortunately for fans, she’s slow most of the rest time.

Source: Dispatch