Proof Stray Kids’ Felix Is Indeed “Cookin’ Like A Chef”

His skills in making a three-course meal will make Gordon Ramsay shake in fear.

Stray Kids dropped their first full-length album Go Live, releasing an epic music video for their title track “God’s Menu”. Wearing chef-inspired outfits, the group compared their music to food that’s one of a kind and can’t be resisted.

To prove how confident they were in their skills, Felix dropped an iconic line: “Cookin’ like a chef, I’m a five-star Michelin.”

While the line was used as a metaphor, it’s closer to the truth than you’d think. Recently, Felix has taken up cooking as his new hobby and shared photos of his delicious creations through Instagram. Be prepared; your mouth may start to water.

Although Felix showed his playful side by striking the Salt Bae pose while holding his pasta, surrounded by perfectly-placed tomatoes, he showed that he’s talented in making the dish. He even added seafood for a lovely shrimp alfredo.

Felix can even make seafood on its own, seasoning it in a way that makes it look Michelin-level in its simplicity. He has other tricks up his sleeve, as well.

Snapping a photo of his pan, Felix can perfectly cook steak with herbs and garlic that’ll make your mouth water just from looking at it. It turns out he’s just as skilled in making dessert.

If this thick, chocolatey brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top doesn’t make you want to dig a spoon in it, nothing will. Just look at that drizzle on the side.

From a seafood appetizer to steak and pasta, finished with a brownie? This is STAYs running to get a taste of Felix’s cooking:

If Felix ever opens a small pop-up shop with homemade treats, it would be over for everyone.

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