Here’s Proof 6 Top Idols Were Friends Long Before They Debuted

These idols are actually a lot closer than some people might realize.

While fans have known that BTS‘s J-Hope, Wanna One‘s Ha Sungwoon, TWICE‘s Jeongyeon, B.A.P‘s Youngjae, BTOB‘s Sungjae, and HALO‘s Dino all have a connection they’ve recently stumbled on a video that proves they’ve been friends much longer than anyone realized!


Throughout the years, these six idols have given fans a glimpse into their sweet friendship like time Dino and J-Hope were seen hugging after BTS won on Music Bank with “Run”.


Then there was the time Ha Sungwoon uploaded this picture with J-Hope congratulating him for that same Music Bank win!


Fans were also pleasantly surprised to see how close Youngjae and J-Hope were when they were spotted hanging out together at the 2016 Idol Star Athletic Championships.

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But those aren’t the only cute interactions fans have seen. In 2018, at the 7th Gaon Charts Music Awards, Ha Sungwoon and Jeongyeon were spotted together…


And earlier this year a post made by Korean news site Instiz about Jeongyeon was liked by Sungjae!


Fans have long wondered how these idols got to know each other and it wasn’t until one interview with Dino that fans found out how they became close.


While his answers didn’t completely answer what everyone wanted to know, that piece of information led to a huge discovery by netizens. With a little digging, fans found the exact JYP Entertainment audition that Dino had been talking about…


And discovered there were a lot more familiar faces in the crowd!


It turns out that all six of these now famous idols all auditioned at the JYP Entertainment’s 6th Annual Open Auditions.


The very same one that caused Jeongyeon to be accepted into the company!


While each of them debuted in different groups and at different times, they’ve all kept up their amazing friendships that all started at the open audition.


And although they’ve been pretty low key with their friendship, fans have absolutely fallen in love with all their sweet interactions. Check out the video below to see the auditions as well as even more sweet interactions between this friend group.