Here’s “How To Hype Up Your Bias 101” Brought To You By EXO-Ls On “My Little Television”

Watch and learn, fanboys and girls.

When EXO‘s Chanyeol and Sehun appeared on My Little Television, EXO-Ls got super excited – not only because they got to see the members have fun on the show, but also because they finally got the chance to help the members raise money to donate for a good cause.


As soon as Chanyeol and Sehun began broadcasting, EXO-Ls flooded them with supportive comments and showered them with donations. And in the meanwhile, EXO-Ls left behind some noteworthy hype comments that are becoming good examples of how to get your bias turnt up!


EXO-Ls continuously complimented Chanyeol and Sehun on how good they looked throughout the entire episode. EXO’s fans didn’t hold back in leaving the most elegantly-worded, over-the-top, thirsty AF comments…

Wow, it’s like I’ve been given a free lasik eye surgery!

— ID Unknown2


… because no words could possibly be enough to describe how they felt about the members:

So here are the statues that went missing from the Louvre! T-T

— ID YoureDoingGreatChanyeol


Some EXO-Ls release their most poetic sides and wowed Sehun and Chanyeol:

I’ve been swimming in the depth of Chanyeol’s eyes and ended up reaching the US.

— ID HikingUpSehunsNose


While Chanyeol and Sehun are probably used to being constantly praised on their indisputable handsomeness, they did seem confidently boosted once they saw the high level of participation and donation happening in the chatroom!

So guys… I’m going to spend my life’s savings here and now.

— ID ChanyeolRamenSehunEgg


Chanyeol and Sehun couldn’t believe how supportive EXO-Ls were in raising donations for the program. They thoroughly appreciated the fans’ enthusiasm and moreso their words of undying encouragement.

Stick them straws in my bank account and take my money, EXO.

— ID SehunsFootMat


But the best one came from this EXO-L who was ready to throw both hands up and hype up even the most basic things – like the members being alive and breathing:


— ID Engxo


And that, fellow K-Pop lovers, is how it’s done. EXO-Ls know exactly how to turn it up for their beloved EXO members! Remember to have no shame, be extra, go all out, and have fun!

Watch EXO’s adorable reactions to EXO-Ls’ comments here:

Source: THEQOO