There Is A Proven Method For Idols To Change Their Visuals That’s More Effective Than Plastic Surgery 

It’s a well-known trick among idols!

Eyebrow shaping is a very subtle change that creates a different effect each time and can transform your image in various ways.   


Most Korean celebrities often opt for the popular, straight brows, that gives off a youthful look. 


However, it seems that a slightly arched shape is also making a comeback allowing celebrities to have a more mature, well-defined visual for each appearance. 

This Eyebrow Style Has Become Female K-Pop Idols Favorite Makeup Trend


It’s a simple move but check out the difference with the photos below! 





Seohyun (Girls’ Generation)


Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)


Seolhyun (AOA)




Irene (Red Velvet)


Wendy (Red Velvet)




Source: Dispatch