PSY Begged Lee Byung Hun To Dance For Years…Then This Happened

PSY’s new music video came out and Lee Byung Hun was one of the major stars in it.

PSY once saw Lee Byung Hun dancing in private and he just couldn’t take his eyes off him!

Source: Zimbio

He wanted the world to see Lee Byung Hun dance, so he asked him over and over again to be in one of his music videos.

Lee Byung Hun told PSY that he’s always wanted to dance, so he finally accepted PSY’s offer to work with him.

Lee Byung Hun killed it in the music video, with multiple hilarious appearances and GIF-able dance moves.

“I’ve seen him dance a few times in private and I thought it was a shame only I could see it. I’ve asked him for several years.

He’s originally a person who has a desire to dance. He told me ‘I didn’t do the move well, let’s try again’.”


Luckily the two were able to work together, as they were able to help create an unforgettable music video!

Source: Osen