PSY Expressed His Admiration For BTS At A Recent Press Conference

At the press conference for his new album 4X2=8, PSY was full of praise for BTS and gave them a piece of advice for the group to carry long into their careers.

PSY acknowledged BTS’s massive overseas popularity and expressed just how proud he was that they have managed to get so far in such a short period of time.

“BTS has so much international popularity. It’s really admirable and eye opening. My path to success was a bit strange and BTS’s was also very unique. Somehow, it seems like those who did not intend to achieve massive success end up bringing the unexpected results.”


He also praised how hard BTS worked during their music show performances.

“I’ve seen BTS perform a few times since their debut and they always work so hard, to the point where it looks like their bones will break. Their popularity will last a long time.”


Finally, he offered some advice that BTS could carry long into their careers.

“Whether they are together as a group for a short time, or a long time, they’ve already achieved so much as an Asian artist. I just want to tell them to not feel pressured or burdened [into forcing themselves to do too much].”


Source: No Cut News