PSY Talks About His Plans Now That The “Gangnam Style” Hype Has Faded

In an interview with Reuters, PSY discussed what he feels like and what his plans are now that the “Gangnam Style” craze has finally died down.

“Gangnam Style” went viral online in 2012 and has hit 2.8 billion views on Youtube, making it the world’s most watched video in May 2017.

Gangnam style has been both a blessing and a curse for PSY.

The hit song gave PSY international recognition but with his fame came some trials.

In a recent episode of JTBC‘s Knowing Bros, the artist revealed that he worried that he would not live up to people’s expectations and had difficulty not comparing his new releases to the global hit.

He also told Reuters that he felt that the popularity of “Gangnam Style” made him forget his musical and artistical roots.

It was like an addiction. Like when you throw a party, it takes some time for that excitement to die down after it’s over. I think it took a while for that exhilaration to subside. Now I’m back to my normal life.


PSY is back on track with this release, however, which helped him go back to his roots—performing on stage.

PSY and Dara preparing for the 2011 15th Anniversary YG Family Concert.

Now that he’s back on stage, PSY hopes to stay on stage for as long as he can but wants to retire before people start to tell him he is washed up.

PSY thinks that the pain from being called washed up would be far greater than not being able to be on stage.

When he retires, PSY wants to focus more on production and help young artists grow by contributing his experience as a world famous star.

Check out PSY’s new music videos below:


Source: Reuters