PSY’s True Personality Convinced HyunA To Join PNATION Long Before The Label Existed

We can’t imagine her anywhere else now!

Since signing with PNATIONHyunA has had two successful solo comebacks and now has a planned duo with her boyfriend, DAWN. It’s safe to say that the move to PSY‘s label is turning out to be a fruitful one for the “I’m Not Cool” songstress.

HyunA during “I’m Not Cool” promotions |

While some may not have expected this to work as well as it has, it seems as HyunA has always known this would work out.

HyunA for Rolling Stone Korea | @kimhyunaarg/Twitter

In May, the entire PNATION family sat down with Rolling Stone Korea to discuss the label and their plans as artists. When it was HyunA’s turn, the interviewer decided to “take [her] back to the beginning” and then asked her “how are you convinced to join PNATION from the first day?”

Hyuna started her answer by explaining that PSY was one of the artists she aspired to be like when she was still just a kid dreaming of becoming an idol.

Before working together with PNATION. Way before that actually. Our CEO, PSY, that was when I was aspiring to become a singer and PSY was performing his song ‘Bird’ at the time. After watching his music video, I thought to myself ‘I want to perform with that level of energy onstage, just like him.’


A few years after she saw PSY’s aforementioned “Bird” video, HyunA debuted with Wonder Girls and then re-debuted with 4Minute. By the year 2012, HyunA had become an established artist when she had the opportunity to work with this person she’d looked up to.

And after making my debut, I was lucky enough to get in touch with him, and was offered a role in his ‘Gangnam Style’ music video, so we got a lot closer after that.


PSY (Left) and HyunA (Right) in the “Gangnam Style” MV |

Over the years, the two maintained a working relationship, with PSY telling HyunA frequently that they’d work together again one day.

And he told me something like this. ‘Someday, ‘I want to collaborate with you on a song one day’. I don’t have anything specifically planned out, but I really want to work on a song with you.’ He would mention it every time I ran into him and then he contacted me again.


In 2019, they finally worked together again when HyunA was in need of a label. After all of the years, the pair kept that professional relationship going. HyunA ended her thought by saying “So I think that was how I got a chance to naturally become a member of PNATION.

HyunA (Left), PSY (Center), and DAWN (Right) celebrating signing to PNATION. | @kpopcrxzy/Twitter

PSY is a strong mentor for younger idols in the industry and we’re so glad that he’s always been there to support HyunA on her journey. To see PNATION’s full interview, check out the video below: