PSY Went Above And Beyond To Make IU’s Birthday Despite Her Busy Schedule

PSY pulled out all the stops to make sure IU was able to celebrate her birthday despite her busy schedule.

IU and PSY’s episode of SBS‘ music show, Fantastic Duo 2, was filmed back on May 16, which happened to be IU’s birthday. Since IU was busy filming, there was some worry that she would not be able to properly celebrate this special day, but PSY made sure IU could enjoy her birthday.

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While IU was performing “Palette”, PSY appeared from backstage with a cake, she remained professional and continued to nail her performance with no issue, if not slightly taken aback. Then, in the middle of her performance, the song changed from “Palette” to “Happy Birthday” and the entire audience joined in on wishing IU a happy birthday.

PSY caring gesture to make sure that IU has a chance to celebrate her 25th birthday shows that even with busy schedules and commitments, time can always be found to celebrate what’s important.

IU and PSY’s episodes of Fantastic Duo 2 will be broadcast on May 28 and June 4.

Watch PSY’s surprise for IU below.