PSY’s “Gangnam Style” Music Video Wasn’t Supposed To Be Uploaded To YouTube

He was “worried it might not get any views.”

On the latest episode of the fifth season of Hidden Singer, Psy talked about the international mega hit-song “Gangnam Style” and how things could have turned out very, very differently had he not listened to his staff.


Upon discussing the song, now with 3.1 billion views, Psy explained he “didn’t know what YouTube was at the time.”

“Back then, I actually didn’t know what YouTube was, so when the people working with me suggested to upload the music video there, I wasn’t so sure.” — Psy


Psy didn’t think sharing the music video on a global platform like YouTube was a good idea.

“They said my “international fans” might like the video, and I was like, “What interntional fans? I don’t have international fans.” I was worried it might not get any views and that would be embarrassing.” — Psy


Psy continued to reject the idea of releasing the “Gangnam Style” music video on YouTube, but the staff fought back hard.

“So I told the staff not to put it on YouTube. They insisted though, saying that it would be funny and could do well. I finally agreed and forgot about it from then on. Within a month, all of what has happened did happen.” — Psy


“Gangnam Style” made it to Billboard’s Top 10 as the first Korean song to do so, and it stayed on the chart as #2 for 7 consecutive weeks. Psy acknowledged “Gangnam Style” as his trophy song, claiming if it were a certificate, he would like to hang it where people can see it best. 


Composer Kim Hyeong Seok added that post-Psy and “Gangnam Style”, it has become a lot easier for Korean composers, producers, and artists to work and collaborate with talent from all around the world.

“For me personally, it was hard to work with global stars in the previous years. After Psy went big with “Gangnam Style” though, I had people from outside Korea contact me first. I think he really paved the way and made it slightly easier for a lot of K-Pop stars to start pushing for international promotions.” — Kim Hyeong Seok


Remember the days when everyone was singing “Gangnam Style” and doing the horsey dance? Watch below for a wholesome throwback!

Source: SE Daily